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What Your Dollar Buys

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What Your Dollar Buys
What Your Dollar Buys

Vibrant Water Highway

The really good news is that your dollar buys lots! New Zealanders will quadruple their dollar amounts, Australians can quintuple their dollars, Americans will get six times their dollar denomination and the British fifteen times their pound.

Vibrant Water Highway

While travel expenses can be expensive because all of our fuel needs to be imported, other costs will compensate for this. In Solomon Islands dollar values you can expect to pay:

SI$200-240 for backpackers accommodation.
SI$400-1,200 for twin rooms, cottages and suites.

Breakfast from SI$20Lunches for about SI$30-50 and Dinner from SI$60. We also offer two meal packages, an unlimited selection for all meals, teas, coffees & local juices all day for SI$300, and a Budget Package for the three main meals at half that price.

More detailed prices for virtually everything are available, please ask.

  • Address:  Munda, Western Province, Solomon Islands
  • Phone:  +67762101
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